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  • business website design
We offer comprehensive web design at very reasonable prices. Many individuals, single owner businesses and growing businesses need a web presence but are often not sure how to go about it. The workings of the web often remain a mystery and many designers and hosting providers are more than happy for it to stay that way.

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We will demystify the web. You won’t have to worry about choosing a hosting service, creating and registering a domain name or setting up professional e-mail addresses.

We work with WordPress a content management system (CMS) capable of producing scintillating websites with masses of great features like image carousels, lightboxes, forms, blogs and full e-commerce shops. All fully integrated with any social media and all with real impact to draw your clients in and show your organization in a truly professional light.

WordPress offers a wide (almost bewildering) range of very high quality web “themes” which can be woven in to powerful websites with the addition of bespoke code. Building from a theme considerably reduces the amount of coding involved in producing the finished site and consequently, greatly reduces costs.

We can develop any WordPress theme for you, tailoring a site precisely to your requirements. We also produce entirely “bespoke” sites which run in a WordPress environment but are entirely unique from the ground up.

Whatever your requirements, we can meet or exceed them.

We offer small site packages from just €200 including design, hosting (first 12 months) and set-up. Our small package covers a five page design including professional features like contact forms, sliders and light-box galleries and up to 10 email addresses with your website name.

E-commerce packages start from just €350 and include everything you need to start selling professionally on-line today. The price includes adding your first 50 items of stock, connecting to or setting up PayPal (to take card payments), creation of a fully functional on-line shop with up to 20 pages, 20 professional e-mails, your first 12 month’s hosting fees, full testing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) .

  • If you already own a domain name we can link this to a server for you and create your new website.
  • If you already have a site but want to improve it, we can migrate the site to a new server and revitalsie it for you.

Why not just make my own site?

There are many ways to set up your own web pages, using WordPress is one of them but many people find it difficult to use even with many of the user-friendly add-ons that are available.

Many hosting sites offer packages like website builder which allow any non-technical user to create web pages. The problem with these programs is that they all use fairly obvious templates and the vast majority of these are basic at best. The result tends to be a simple site with poor coding and functionality which lacks visual impact and looks just like thousands of other small business sites.

Whatever option you choose with DIY, you will still have to put time into the project and that may well be time that you just can’t afford to divert from your business. You will still have to figure out how to get your domain name, find a good hosting package, set-up your hosting account and then manage it all through an on-line control panel, then set-up and configure all your e-mail addresses before you even start building your site, whatever the user-friendly build package may be.

Allowing us to do the work for you, while you spend your time running your business or your life is the sensible solution.

Unlike many web design services, we will never “lock you out” of your finished site. The site is yours and we are happy to let you have as much, or as little, involvement with the finished site as you wish.

We can offer full support and maintenance or you may choose to do this yourself. If you do decide to take on some or all of your site maintenance, you may well benefit from one of our WebWizzard  training courses.

All of our sites come with full documentation including all of your site content, flow diagrams to help you understand how your site is arranged and how your e-mail system works. Full details of your hosting services and passwords is also supplied, so you have full control any time you want it.

Get the right level of design support for you

We offer two great website design & support options

Full Support

We set up everything for your hosting and e-mail platform. We design and create your website. We maintain your website.

Set up support

We set up everything for your hosting and e-mail platform. We design and create your website. We train you in how to maintain your website. If you need us, we are there for you anytime.

Why not have us make a free demo page for you ?

Not convinced?

Just click here and fill in the contact form with some basic information about your site content and we will make you a demo page completely free of charge and with absolutely no obligation. When your page is ready we will e-mail you a link so that you can view it on the web. Simple

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