Web Jargon Buster

Web Jargon don’t ya just hate it?

Here’s our web jargon buster to help you cope with all of the geeky stuff

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What’s a Web Server

A web server is a remote computer located at your Hosting Service which is connected to the Internet. This computer has space on it to place the files that make up your website.

What is a URL and why do I need one?

URL is an acronym that stands for Uniform Resource Locator and is a reference (an address) to a resource on the Internet. Ultimately, your URL is the name of your web site and when entered in to a web browser it locates the index file or “home page” of your website on the web server

What is an IP address?

The easiest way to think of an IP (Internet Protocol) address is like a telephone number. The IP address is a number that uniquely identifies a device connected to a network. In this case the network is the internet.

What is web-mail?

Web mail comes in various formats but it is always an on-line mail system provided by your hosting service. When you have a website you can add professional e-mail addresses in the form of my****@my*******.com or sa***@my*******.com  and these mail addresses can be accessed and configured through the web mail system provided by your web host or ISP.

What is an ISP and what does it do?

An ISP is an Internet Service Provider. The company you pay every month to keep you connected to the internet such as BT, PT, NOWO, Sky or Virgin. Not to be confused with your hosting service.

What is a Web Hosting Service or Host?

A web hosting service or Host is a company that provides web servers where you can set-up and store your website files and e-mail. Your hosting company often allows you to find and purchase an unused URL for your site and then links this to space on one of their servers.

When a URL is linked to (pointed at) the correct web server by your hosting service, this allows the URL to find your web content on the host server.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source CMS (content management system) for web site design. WordPress sites can be configured using thousands of “plugins” and “themes” (predefined and well tested code that controls the look and functionality of your site) to provide a bewildering array of options when creating a web site. WordPress can be customized by coders but it can also be used by most computer literate people to build amazing web sites without ever writing a single line of code. That said, many people do find it hard to get to grips with making and editing WordPress sites.

What is a website builder?

Website builders are often provided by hosting companies and they allow non-technical users to construct a DIY website. These systems usually have a simple graphic interface and rely on cutting and pasting text and images in to fixed “theme” formats. The advantage is that they are easy to use for non-technical users but the results are often somewhat staid and your site will look just like thousands of others when you publish it.

What is a control panel?

Your control panel is a graphical user interface provided by your hosting service. Content varies but your panel will allow you to use features like WordPress and file manager to control your website content and set up things like      e-mail addresses.

What’s a Hyperlink?

This is a piece of HTML code that links content within a web site. It can be in a menu, an object such as an image or in text format.

What is a 404 error?

A 404 error is what the internet returns when a page can’t be found. If a hyperlink within your site is incorrect, it may link to a page that is no longer on the web server or if it has a typo in it then the link will not work properly.

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